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Caribbean, Hawaiian, Irish, Latin, Mariachi, Reggae, Salsa, Steel Drum, World Music, Zydeco, Guitarist, One Man Band, Pianists, Saxophonist, Trumpet Player, Violinists, Big Band, Dixieland, Jazz and Swing Band
  1. Dallas String Quartet
    Dallas String Quartet
    Comprised of violinists Tatiana Glava and Melissa Priller, violist Ion Zanca and cellist Gaston Colloca, DSQ takes you on a journey to the nexus of classical music and modern pop where artists like Beethoven and Bono collide.
  2. The Brehms
    The Brehms
    Onstage and off, you can see Stephanie and David’s absolute bond of partnership and devotion to craft. Stephanie’s alluring vocal tone is unmistakable, and during live performances, she commands the stage with a feminine and honest approach to her music.
  3. Justin Cash
    Justin Cash
    Justin Cash’s natural joie de vivre brings you to a feel good place where music grooves and melody is king, with songs that acknowledge a range of emotions, yet are propelled by his active belief that there is good in the world.
  4. James Mahler
    James Mahler
    Electric violin looping performance act of original compositions and freshly reimagined pop tunes.
  5. Rhett Butler
    Rhett Butler
    "10 fingers, 2 guitars and a room full of jaws hitting the floor." - Austin American-Statesman
  6. Big Night Quartet
    Big Night Quartet
    Big Night Quartet calls upon an eclectic and meticulously crafted music library that mixes jazz standards made famous by artists like Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Tony Bennett, Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughn, Louis Jordan, Chet Baker, Madeleine Peyroux and Blues and Soul tunes made famous by Ray Charles, Etta James, Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Taj Mahal, Freddie King, Bonnie Raitt, Little Walter, Bill Withers, and George Benson.
  7. Barton Strings
    Barton Strings
    The Barton Strings have performed on numerous Disney, Capitol Records, recordings and were the string ensemble chosen to perform on Stefan Kostka's Tonal Harmony recording, which is the primary recording used in Universities across the country to teach fundamentals of music. Barton Strings, most recently, were featured on American Idol Season 12 in Paramount Pictures recording " Beauty School Dropout" and also were a part of ABC's Extreme Makeover Edition last season.
  8. Blackbird 3
    Blackbird 3
    A lively mix of hard-bop, blues, New Orleans, Latin jazz, and acid jazz. The group is best defined as a hard swingin' jazz trio rooted in the bebop and post bop traditions. The trio’s warm emotional playing is solid yet relaxed when laying down a groove. Their influences are the hard driving soul-warming jazz music associated with the great trios of the post bop age.
  9. Black Violin
    Black Violin
    Combining a daunting array of musical styles and influences to produce a signature sound that is not quite maestro, not quite emcee, this group of two classically trained violinists and their DJ is redefining the music world-one string at a time.
  10. Blender
    An Acoustic Duo act serving a blend of classic, alternative and Pop Rock favorites from the 80's to present time. Familiar music like Tom Petty, The Eagles, The Police, John Mayer, Train, Keith Urban, One Direction, The Wanted, Drake and Led Zeppelin.
  11. Bruce Canifax
    Bruce Canifax
    Jazz standards from composers like Cole Porter, Harold Arlen, Henry Mancini and George Gershwin and even classic rock tunes by Led Zepplin, Eric Clapton and the Beatles.
  12. Canta Rhythm and Brass
    Canta Rhythm and Brass
    The Dallas Observer nominated CANTA Rhythm & Brass as one of the "Top 5 Latin Bands" in the Dallas area. Their ability to entertain the most diverse audiences makes them one of the most sought after bands in Texas.
  13. Carlos Guedes
    Carlos Guedes
    Electric Harp and Percussion Contemporary Latin Jazz
  14. Carol Tatum
    Carol Tatum
    Carol is best known as harpist for her group Angels Of Venice. Guitar (acoustic and electric) was Carol’s main instrument most of her life, later switching to harp after falling in love with it’s beautiful tone and full, rich sound.
  15. Cleghorn
    America's Celtic Rock Band! Texas southern rock blended it with Celtic melodies
  16. Collin Hauser
    Collin Hauser
    Collin Hauser is a singer/songwriter who blends folk, blues, jazz and pop with skillful guitar textures and a truly unique voice. He has toured with artists like Cas Haley and was nominated for two Grammy Awards for his participation in the UNT One O’clock Lab Band in 2009. Collin graduated with honors from UNT with a BA in Jazz Studies saxophone performance in 2010.
  17. The Copa Kings
    Copa Kings
    The Copa Kings pay homage to some of our country’s greatest jazz songwriters and performers, including Frank, Billie, Ella, Louis Armstrong, Dean, Louis Jordan and Ray, to name a few. Members of the ensemble have played with locally and nationally known acts, including The Atlantics, White Ghost Shivers, The Jazz Pharaohs and The Blackbird Trio.
  18. Doug Anthony
    Doug Anthony
    He performs for any type of event including corporate events, wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours, receptions and private parties and specializes in music from such artists as The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Tony Bennett, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Elton John, Nat King Cole, Merle Haggard, Billie Holiday, Bill Withers, Willie Nelson, Gipsy Kings, Johhny Cash, Louis Armstrong and more.
  19. Dan Quinn
    Dan Quinn
    coustic Guitarist. Singer. Live Looping Master. One Man Band. DJ, and MC. Weddings. Corporate Events. Fundraisers. House Parties.
  20. Danny Ray
    Danny Ray
    Playing some classics like Sinatra and The Beatles mixed in with acoustic versions of Ed Sheeran and The Lumineers and some other Current hits.
  21. Dave Lincoln
    Dave Lincoln
    jazz and multi-style guitarist that is honored to have been chosen to play solo jazz guitar performances for the Grand Opening Week of the Dallas Center For the Performing Arts.
  22. David Wolf
    David Wolf
    David Wolf has a vast repertoire of contemporary classics like Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz & Ed Sheeran to established classics by The Beatles, Eric Clapton & James Taylor. He is one of the most sought after contemporary musician on Maui.
  23. Davis and Rose
    Davis and Rose
    Songs include covers of artists such as The Eagles, The Beatles, Gary Allan, Pat Green, Marc Cohn, Amos Lee, Brooks & Dunn, Oasis, CCR, Johnny Cash, John Mellencamp, Rolling Stones, Lyle Lovett, John Mayer, Tom Petty, and many others.
  24. Dennis Cavalier
    Dennis Cavalier
    Zydeco, Cajun, New Orleans, and variety party band led by native New Orleanian Dennis Cavalier. They play the music that's played along the Gulf Coast from New Orleans to Houston.
  25. Devin Leigh
    Devin Leigh
    Singer/songwriter/guitarist. He has been inducted into the Texas Blues Hall of Fame. He's a true one-man-band, incorporating percussion and harmonica into an already dynamic solo show. The Fort Worth Weekly said of Devin's live show, "The singer songwriter is a one man wrecking crew at live performances."
  26. Diamond Kings
    Diamond Kings
    Live, energetic small band with a great emcee… The emcee will need to interact throughout the event… think like a late night talk show host type feel… Most of the time the band won’t be playing just more interacting. They will have an opportunity to play in between competition sets.
  27. Doc Wesson
    Doc Wesson
    Singing, writing and performing music has taken Doc all the way from the house band at the legendary Palomino Club in North Hollywood California, to the stage of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville Tennessee.
  28. RockMollys
    Classic Rock from the 50's-60's-70's-80's-90's and know many many tunes! We can also play standard jazz or instrumental music for dinner sets, cocktail hours, and such. s
  29. Duo Tones
    Duo Tones
    An acoustic act from Dallas, Texas. They play a large range of covers and originals. Their different yet complimentary sounds and repertoires ensure that there is something for everyone.
  30. Dr Zog
    Dr Zog
    f you like your Louisiana gumbo with a dash of Texas BBQ sauce and a side of slaw, you have to check out Texas Zydeco Train by the Dr. Zog Band. Dr. Zog has been doing zydeco music for about 20 years, and has eight albums – mostly zydeco – to show for it. But that doesn’t mean he gives up on his local color. His songs are steadfastly, unapologetically Texan, colorfully flavored with lots of Texas context and amusing self parody – the way Jimmy Buffet would do zydeco if he was from Texas.
  31. Drew Pierce
    Drew Pierce
    Do you like a little bit of everything? Cool, Drew does too. And he plays it all like a funk soul brother. He brings a fresh, clean, simple, pure, stylish new twist to so many songs we know and love. Based in Austin Texas, Drew has been performing live for well over a decade, covering just about anything -- brand new, super old, fast, slow, male, female, white, not-so-white, pop, rock, R&B, soul, country, rap, gospel, etc.
  32. Eccentrica
    Eccentrica, Harp and Guitar Duo - Electric, Eccentric, Energetic, Eclectic, Enigmatic...this is Eccentrica! This sound is so big it ought to be illegal! ECCENTRICA puts a new edge on rock and Pop hits from Led Zeppelin to The Eurythmics, Usher to Rhianna! This eclectic duo blends Rock, Jazz and Pop in to a brand new sound. Performing on Harp, Rizpah is accompanied by Eric Faires on guitar with digital effects and both of them are accomplished vocalists. This act brings a fresh new sound with an unexpected edge.
  33. E-Flat Porch Band
    E-Flat Porch Band
    Entertaining with their unique blend of acoustic “porch music,” including folk, Blues, early country, jazz and original tunes. As “angst-free” acoustic musicians, they play serious music without taking themselves too seriously.
  34. AM Jazz Trio
    AM Jazz Trio
    jazz, country, atmospheric Trio or Quartet
  35. The Southpaw Preachers
    The Southpaw Preachers
    The Southpaw Preachers are a Denton-based powerhouse drawing their inspiration from hard-hitting funk, soul, Jazz, R&B, and rock. Southpaw blends both original music and covers into their diverse sets and are known for folding a uniquely asymmetrical sound into well-loved songs.
  36. The Western Flyers
    The Western Flyers
    Their unique sound is a cross section of the Great American Songbook: classic western swing, hot jazz & swing standards, vintage country & cowboy songs, and electrifying old-time fiddle tunes.
  37. Drew Davis
    Drew Davis
    Drew is based in Austin, TX and identifies herself as an Austin musician. An Austin venue owner says, “I see so many musicians walk through my door and perform. Few have that undefinable quality that makes people stop and stare. Drew has it. She has that ‘it’ that so many people strive for.”
  38. Jeremy McBee
    Jeremy McBee
    Jeremy draws from artists such as Leon Russell, Jamie Cullum, Ray Charles, Merle Haggard, Chris Martin, Fats Domino, Burt Bacharach, and countless others that all have a unique way of telling their stories about life, love, and pain. Through his cover songs and songwriting, Jeremy mirrors the passion, honesty, and lightheartedness that all of these artists possessed during their careers.
  39. Jo James
    Jo James
    Jo James is an American musician from Austin, Texas. Jo delivers smooth grooves, and soulful vocal expressions with a touch of blues guitar. He is known for his fusion of Blues Rock, Soul and R&B. From heavy-hitting stages to intimate heartfelt performances, Jo James continues to captivate audiences in a powerful way.
  40. Jeff Plankenhorn
    Jeff Plankenhorn
    Plankenhorn made his name in Austin as a preeminent guitar slinger, especially as a slide specialist. 2017/18 Austin Music Awards Winner.
  41. Emily Gimble
    Emily Gimble
    After two years as keyboardist for iconic Texas western swing band Asleep at the Wheel, she’s stepping out on her own as a solo artist.
  42. Patrice Pike
    Patrice Pike
    Billboard Magazine has called her, “One of the best up and coming contemporary Rock Singers in America.” Following the highly publicized industry shake up at Arista Records with Clive Davis’ departure, Sister Seven disbanded and Patrice went on to begin her solo career with her album Fencing Under Fire in the top 10 most added on AAA radio for multiple weeks.
  43. Chubby Knuckle Choir
    Chubby Knuckle Choir
    Some bands are content to remain within the rigid confines of their musical comfort zones. The Chubby Knuckle Choir is not one of those bands. Nobody gleefully shatters genre boundaries like this frenetic sextext, who play everything...
  44. The South Austin Moonlighters
    The South Austin Moonlighters
    Success for this “True Americana” ensemble has been about embracing a supergroup ethos while shunning supergroup egos. At their best, the band represents not just what’s right about the Austin TX music community but about live music as a whole. The Band mainly does Originals songs in their set and for the love of music, they throw in choice Covers that fans and newbie fans absolutely love.
  45. Warren Hood
    Warren Hood
    He attended Berklee School of Music where he was awarded the school’s top honor – The String Achievement Award. He has since gone on to win numerous awards for string virtuosity and has been recognized three times as String Player of the Year in the Austin Chronicle Music Poll. The son of Austin, TX music legend, Champ Hood (Uncle Walt’s Band, Toni Price), Warren has become an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and singer.
  46. Los Texmaniacs
    Los Texmaniacs
    Grammy Award winners, Los Texmaniacs are the new kings of Tex-Mex . Annointed by Flaco Jimenez , Los Texmaniacs feed the masses, with only the best in musical fare. Founder Max has participated on eleven Grammy winning projects. Max is the premiere first call bajo sexto player in the world.
  47. Kristen Gibbs
    Kristen Gibbs
    Kristen plays a large variety of music styles including Pop, Blues, Country, Classical and More. She performs as a Solo Musician or with her 3 piece Band.
  48. The Lucky Strikes
    The Lucky Strikes
    Lounge, swing and jazz band based in Austin, TX. specializing in vocal and jazz standards from the 40's and 50's as well as original tunes written in the same style. Selections include many favorites by Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, Chet Baker, Count Basie and Duke Ellington.
  49. Lost and Nameless Orchestra
    Lost and Nameless Orchestra
    Lost & Nameless Orchestra is capable of and impressive on traditional fiddle tunes, Americana, folk-rock, alternative country and more, and they’ve all picked up new instruments to serve the music: Patrick on harmonica to Nathan’s accordion to Kimberly’s bass guitar to Chris’ lap steel.
  50. Tomar and the FC’s
    Tomar and the FC’s
    In what has become a tradition, the band opened 2016 with a NYE show at the historic Austin Continental Club. They were selected to play an official showcase at SXSW in March. In June, NPR Music picked Tomar and the FCs out of hundreds of Austin entries to represent the city for their Tiny Desk Concert series.
  51. Jackie Venson
    Jackie Venson
    Her live performances revisits what makes music so powerful: emotion and passion. She thrives without the flash, instead favoring a clean sound, genuine soul, and meaningful connection with her audience. Music is not only what Venson does – but also defines who she is and reminds her where she wants to be: performing.
  52. The NM Jazztet Collaboration
    The NM Jazztet Collaboration
    Bluesy, funky, and rock oriented music of hard-bop and current jazz artist such as Lee Morgan, Roy Hargrove, Clifford Brown, Freddie Hubbard, and Herlin Riley. The band, which is currently is staffed by musicians all holding bachelors and masters degrees is from North Texas University.
  53. The Peterson Brothers
    The Peterson Brothers
    The Peterson Brothers combine youthful energy and modern influences with old-school blues, soul and funk to a create a sound that is uniquely their own. Their live shows feature jam-band style improvisation.
  54. Charlie Faye & The Fayettes
    Charlie Faye & The Fayettes
    They craft smart soul-pop that merges the swinging, swaying sound and style of ‘60s girl groups with a modern vibe that’s so current, they’re dancing to the forefront of a retro revival.
  55. Uptown Violins
    Uptown Violins
    A mix of classic and modern flair has inspired excellence in creating music. This family of violinists has enjoyed performing together while entertaining audiences from all over the world. Their approach to music creates a fun yet classy style, which is sure to enhance any atmosphere.
  56. The Blue Light Trio
    The Blue Light Trio
    Old-school, 1950s-60s style "Organ Trio" with guitar, drums, and of course a Hammond Organ. Cool, sparse, atmospheric and fun music that includes jazz, swing, standards as well as originals and covers.
  57. Rockestra
    Rockestra is a fusion of instruments such as electric strings, winds, brass, guitar, bass, drums and keys. This instrumental symphonic rock orchestra performs classical, rock, jazz, pop, hip-hop, ambient, cinematic and fusions of any style.
  58. Danni and Kris
    Danni and Kris
    Recently nominated by the Fort Worth Weekly as DFW’s best singer/songwriter and voted "Favorite Local Celebrities"
  59. Guy Forsyth and The Hot Nut Riveters
    Guy Forsyth and The Hot Nut Riveters
    Forsyth's repertoire primarily incorporates elements of Blues and Americana traditions, with traces of Rock, R&B, Folk, Jazz and Pop. As a songwriter, many of his albums contain his own work, as well as songs co-composed with other musicians. Forsyth has won several Austin Music Awards, including "Best Male Vocalist" in 2005
  60. Chalkboard Poets
    Chalkboard Poets
    Chalkboard Poets is a fiddle-based Indie folk-rock band out of Austin, Texas performing original material and unique covers ranging from traditional fiddle tunes to pop.
  61. The Southpaw Preachers
    The Southpaw Preachers
    The Southpaw Preachers are a powerhouse drawing their inspiration from hard-hitting funk, soul, Jazz, R&B, and rock. Southpaw blends both original music and covers into their diverse sets and are known for folding a uniquely asymmetrical sound into well-loved songs.
  62. Phineus Reb
    Phineus Reb
    “Honky-Grass” is Phineus Reb’s unique sound of Jazzy/Bluegrass/Rockin/Honky-Tonk blend of music. A mixture of rocking guitars, harmonica, banjo, drums and killer harmony vocals make for a fun, foot stomping blend of East Texas Tonkin Tunes with a bluegrass flavor.
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